Careers with SciGood

SciGood is rapidly growing and is looking for new employees who can help us solve problems, connect us with new ones, or otherwise bring value to our customers. The job posts below are updated often, and we ask that all applications and questions about the process are made via email at not through Intercom.

If you feel that you have something of value to offer that we've not specifically asked for, please contact

Full-stack Dev.

SciGood is looking to expand it's current development capability by hiring two full stack developers. These individuals will be responsible for a range of tasks from web development, to data mining, to cloud integration.

Data Scientist

SciGood is seeking an Associate Data Scientist to join our Applied Data Science team. This is a unique opportunity for someone with a strong background in statistics, programming, and mathematics who is interested in solving real business problems.

B2B Sales Lead

Help us bring our technology to new clients. As the sales lead you'll be responsible for finding and engaging with new clients, as well as helping us communicate our value.