Case Study: Satellite

Large NGO’s spend tens of billions of dollars a year on developing infrastructure and essential services in Africa. As the continent is massive, dangerous, and generally difficult to monitor, it is difficult to establish the effectiveness of NGO spend in helping develop this infrastructure.

To help ameliorate this issue the client company, a FinTech based in Europe, sought to develop a scalable solution that could provide the consistent monitoring required for this NGO.

Case Study: Stock Exchange

A large stock exchange was suffering from occasional system failures. When these failures occurred the markets would go down, making international headlines and causing large losses.

Our task was to predict failures before they occurred so that technical teams could respond before systems shut down.

Case Study: Invoices

The client processed huge quantities of these invoices already, and we made the case that building software to predict when invoices would be paid could provide a useful service to their customers, allowing them to further establish their unique value proposition.

By predicting payment times for each individual invoice, the AI could then collate this to create a system that could predict the probability of having a certain amount of cash on hand at a given time.