Who are we?

SciGood is a data science consultancy with bases in the US and the UK. We specialize in leveraging state of the art AI and Machine Learning techniques so that you can offer new services to your customers.

With close to a thousand hours of consultation provided in the last three months alone, we collectively have produced a great deal of value with all of our clients having chosen to extend their contracts with us.

Satellite and Geospatial Analysis

Using two satellites and an array of over a dozen cameras and infrared sensors, we can aquire and process images accurate to within 10 meters, every week, anywhere on earth.

Prediction and Forecasting

All randomness has an underlying structure, we can help you understand that structure, and use it to make informed decisions about the future. We can return understandable, actionable insights, using an array of methods, from Neural Networks and Bayesian methods, to Stochastic PDE recovery tools.

Text, Image, and Sentiment Analysis

Handwritten forms, video, customer emails, social media activity; if it can loaded on to a computer, we can analyze it. If you need facial recognition, video anlysis, or even just to be able to automatically identify an angry customer email, we can help.